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Seven Questions to Ask Your Vet About Aftercare

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

If you are reading this, you may be preparing for one of the most challenging experiences in you and your pet's life together. Whether your pet has passed at home or in the veterinarian's office, there are seven essential things to consider when deciding on aftercare.

Your veterinarian and veterinary team members are the healthcare professionals you will look to when deciding your pets' aftercare options. Most pet owners do not know to look outside of their veterinarians for information regarding their pets aftercare. The following are questions you should consult your veterinarian on when choosing an aftercare facility for your pet.

  1. What are the options available for aftercare? Can you talk to me about burial, cremation, and aquamation?

  2. Will my pet be handled with respect?

  3. Are the remains of my pet marked clearly so that you can guarantee the identity of the pet throughout the process?

  4. Has a practice representative visited the aftercare facility so that you can be personally assured of the dignity and respect provided to your pet during the process?

  5. Are the fees reasonable?

  6. Are your pets' remains returned in a reasonable amount of time?

  7. Are there many options available to you to memorialize your pet - i.e., urns, paw prints, nameplates, locks of fur, etc.

These are the questions your veterinarian should be prepared to answer.

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