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Aquamation Pet Cremation

What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is a form of pet cremation also known as alkaline hydrolysis, water-based cremation and bio-cremation.  Water Cremation uses warm water, time and alkali to mimic the natural decomposition of tissue that occurs after burial. In nature, this process can take years, but with the advancement in the water cremation technology, this process now takes less than 20 hours. 


At Peaceful Waters Aquamation we have trained technicians who are skilled in performing water based cremation.Our technicians will gently place your pets body into the aquamation chamber. They will add alkaline salts to the machine. Once the machine is started warm water will circulate through the machine for 18-24 hours. After the cycle is complete, the mineral components of your pet (bone) and nutrient rich effluent will remain. If desired, the mineral ash of the bone will be returned to you. The nutrient-rich and environmentally safe effluent will be returned to the environment. 

Aquamation is considerably more eco-friendly when you compare it to flame-based cremation. Water cremation reduces the carbon footprint by consuming less energy and producing less carbon dioxide than other forms of cremation. 

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