Cremation Urns for Pet Aquamation


With every private cremation, your pet's ash will be returned to you in a black biodegradable urn, with a lock of fur and a personalized clay paw print. If you wish to find another urn, please look at the options available below. Our urns are selected to hold the ash of your beloved pet - so that you may enjoy their memory for years to come. 



Brass Vase

Small: $65

Medium: $85

Large: $105

Engraving: Additional $30



Canine Cottage: Colors: Cherry, Walnut & Oak (engraved)

All Sizes with engraving: $160



Pawprint jar

Available in brass, brass raku and aluminum


No Engraving: $85

Engraving (except aluminum): $120



Shadow Cast Urns

Call for available breeds

All Sizes $215



Teal Raku Vase

Small, no engraving: $65

Medium, no engraving: $85

Large, no engraving: $105

Engraving: Additional $30



Standard Biodegradable Urn

Comes complimentary with every private cremation



Resin Vase Urn: 

Small: $95

Medium: $106  

Large: $132



Faithful Feline Urn with Base

Available Sitting or laying down

Base with Engraving: $135



Rock Urn Engraved: Colors: Black and Limestone

Medium Black: $100

Large Black: $150

Medium Limestone: $115

Large Limestone: $165



Photo Urn- Available in Oak, Walnut and maple

Engraving: $120



Teddy Bear keepsake urn

Available in White, Brown and Tan

One size: $45



Traditional Urns: Colors: Maple, Walnut & Oak (engraved)

Small: $85

Medium: $105

Large: $125

X-Large: $145



Traditional Urns with adornment

Small: $90

Medium: $110

Large: $115

X-Large: $130



Mahogany Urn (no engraving)

Small: $45

Medium: $65

Large: $85



Faithful Feline Urn, No Base

No base, no engraving: $95

Base, with engraving: $135



Marble Vase: Colors based on availability (black, white, honey, cork & caramel)

Base with engraving: $295

No Engraving: $210



Precious Kitty Urn 

Colors: silver, gold, bronze or copper

Small: $85

Medium: $105

Large: $125

X-Large: $145



Keepsake Heart Urn 

Available in brass or Teal Raku

One Size: $45



Steel Vase (no engraving)

All sizes and colors: $95



Tower Photo Urn

(Walnut, Oak & Cherry)

Small: $135

Medium: $150

Large: $165

Engraved Name Plate


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