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San Diego Pet Cremation


The services we offer go beyond just pet cremation. Below is a list of services we can provide for you during this difficult time. Please note that all services can be customized to fit your specific needs. We also offer a selection of pet memorial items. For more information click here.

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Transition and


We welcome you to bring your pet to our aftercare facility located at 4820 Mercury St. Suite D, San Diego Ca 92111. We are also available to pick your pet up at your home or the veterinary clinic of your choice. We use stretchers and blankets during transportation. We ensure that your pet will be treated with respect and dignity from the moment we arrive.


Pick up fee: $75+ based on location

Large pet pick-up (90+ lbs) additional $50



Water Cremation

Your pet will be privately cremated. Their ash will be returned to you in a beautiful biodegradable scattering vessel. Private pet cremations mean that there is no risk of you pet's ash being co-mingled or mixed with another pet's ash. A clay impression of their paw and a clipping of fur will also be returned to you. Alternative urn options are available upon request.

0-3lbs -$220.00

3.1-49 lbs  - $300.00

50-100 lbs  - $350.00

101-125 lbs  - $400.00

126-150 lbs - $450.00

Over 150 lbs please call for the most accurate estimate of the cost.



Water Cremation

Your pet will be respectfully aquamated and the remaining ash will be personally scattered at sea by Oceans Of Love, click here to be directed to their website for more information and coordinates of your loved one. 

0-3 lbs - $155.00

3.1-49 lbs - $200.00

50-100 lbs - $250.00

101-125 lbs - $300.00

126-150 lbs - $350.00

Over 150 lbs please call for the most accurate estimate of the cost.

Paw casting



Paw casting is a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your beloved pet. We used a mold to make a 3D concrete cast of your pet's paw. 

Cost: $150+ based on size

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Hand Delivery

of Cremains

Coming to our facility in Kearny Mesa may not be an option for you. We can hand deliver your pet's cremains to your home. Delivery can be scheduled during our office hours. This service allows for ease and convenience during a challenging time. 

Cost: $75+ based on location

Please call 858.276.7397 to inquire about pricing.

Skull Cleaning 2.JPG

Skull and/or

Skeletal Cleaning

​Skeletal cleaning for pets requires the attention of a skilled taxidermist. At Peaceful Waters Aquamation, we have an on-staff taxidermist who can provide you and your family with this service. We can provide just skull cleaning or we can provide entire skeletal cleaning. It is important to note that this process takes several months and sometimes can take over a year to complete and requires a consultation with our taxidermist. 

Cost: variable, depending on requests

Please call 858.276.7397 to inquire about pricing.

Click here to complete Taxidermy Authorization Form.

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We understand that receiving your pet's remains back quickly is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we offer rushed services. Rushed services allow you to have your pet's cremains back in 4 days.

*Memorial items are not included in rushed services.*

Cost: $125

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​Peaceful Waters Aquamation offers private viewing services where you and your family can mourn the loss of your beloved pet in a private peaceful setting. Viewing services allow you to witness your pet's body being placed in the aquamation chamber. This service offers closure for families. We can tailor the viewing to your specific needs and requests. It is important to note that viewings are scheduled on certain days of the week. The time and day of viewing are subject to change.


Grief Support and Deceased Pet Pick Up

Elizabeth Allen, founder of The Caretakers

With a deep love of animals Elizabeth has built her life and career on assisting parents with end of life decisions for their companion animals through her work as a grief support advocate, an animal hospice practitioner, a licensed spiritual practitioner and writer of books about her life with animals. She opened her own mobile practice in 2021 The Caretakers Animal Care, specializing in customized end-of-life care ranging from hospice, at-home pet euthanasia and eco-friendly aftercare. She continues to support pet parents and their families with what she considers the richest part of their relationship. For more information please call 619-373-4108 or visit 

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