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Pet Cremation in San Diego, CA
In Home Euthanasia 

Peaceful Waters Aquamation is owned and operated by local veterinarian, Dr. Madison Rose.

No only will we provide you with the highest standard for pet cremation, we will help hold your hand and guide you through the entirety of this difficult process. Our goal is to ensure that your pet receives the highest quality of care. You can rest assured that each afterlife case is treated with respect and dignity by a licensed medical professional. Our goal is to ensure a peaceful and graceful departure. 


Please call us at (858) 276-7393. Our staff is here for you.

A note from Dr. Rose

Dr Madison Rose Peaceful Waters Aquamation Pet Cremation

We love our own fur babies as much as our clients do. I started Peaceful Waters because I believed that a pet crematorium should show true compassion and care for our communities’ beloved pets. We strive to honor your pet in death, the same way you honored them in life.

We promise to treat the cremains of your beloved pets in the same respectful manner we would want our own pets to be treated. It’s one of the reasons why we offer tree planting as a way to celebrate each pet’s life. For every pet who goes through the aquamation process, we make a donation to Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree in their honor. Their memory will one day stand tall, leaves blowing in the breeze, to help the planet continue to be a healthy home for other animals.

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