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We strive to provide compassionate

care for your beloved companion through a peaceful and environmentally responsible water based cremation.




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Our goal is to treat your pet with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Peaceful Waters was started with the intention to give pet owners an alternative to the traditional form of pet cremation for their beloved pets after they pass away. We offer this service via a unique and environmentally conscious form of cremation called alkaline hydrolysis. We promise to provide your pet with absolute dignity throughout the duration of this process. Collectively, our staff has been working with animals in the veterinary industry for over 20 years. This allows us to provide your pet a graceful departure. 

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What is Aquamation?

Eco friendly alternative to flame based cremation

Imagine a company that shows true compassion and care for your beloved pet.


Water cremation returns 20% more ash remains back to your family.


90% less energy consumed than flame based cremation.


No emissions of harmful greenhouse gases


No burning

of fossil fuel.

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