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Top Ten Benefits of Choosing Aquamation Over Flame–Based Cremation

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

There are many benefits to choosing aquamation (alkaline hydrolysis) for your pet's aftercare. Here we have listed the top ten reasons why you should consider using aquamation.

  1. Aquamation is a very natural process. In fact, it is simply an acceleration of the natural process of tissue degradation that occurs after burial.

  2. Aquamation completely hydrolyzes both RNA and DNA and destroys all pathogens including prions. All viruses are completely denatured during this process. This is the cleanest and healthiest way to cremate a pet.

  3. Aquamation requires 90% less energy than what is used in flame-based cremation.

  4. Aquamation creates zero emissions of green house gases (unlike flame-based cremation).

  5. Aquamation converts any drugs in the pet's body to harmless biodegradable derivatives

  6. The effluent produced by the process is an excellent form of fertilizer if someone were to use it that way.

  7. Pet owners receive approximately 20% more ash from aquamation than they would from flame-based cremation.

  8. The ash from aquamation is aesthetically more pleasing. For the owner who is looking to spread ash, it is pure in color, soft, and not carbonized like you often find with flame-based cremation.

  9. Aquamation is generally perceived as more gentle by the pet owner.

  10. The cost of both flame-based cremation and aquamation is similar.

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