Easy, the sweet and gentle water dog!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Easy was a gorgeous Portuguese Water Dog. He was pure bred and intended to be a show dog. When his original owners determined he wouldn’t be able to show his mom swept in and adopted him! He had a very long and complicated show name so his mom and dad decided to settle on the name 'Easy'! His name perfectly described his personality; slow and steady, sweet and gentle. He was raised in a house full of kids and family. He lived very close to the beach - perfect for a Portuguese Water Dog! Easy loved his big sister Pepper; they were very bonded. A member of his family has a love of history and shared with us that Portuguese Water Dogs were bred to be messenger dogs, swimming from boat to boat carrying messages to fisherman. He was delightful to know. His sweet personality certainly made an impression on us. I know he will be greatly missed, but his sweet memory will live on with his family.

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