Lady Grey, a loving fur companion.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Lady Grey was a loving fur companion. Her mommy and daddy would even say that she was the best one ever.

Her favorite activities were doing laundry with her mama and lounging in her favorite chair.

Not a shy cat, she was adored by everybody who met her and had purrs for everyone. Though sometimes, after enough pets she would give a little growl but would continue pushing her head into the hands of the petters. We referred to these as "growl-purrs".

She was at least fifteen years of age as her parents got her nine years ago, and she was at least six by that point. She was immediately accepted into the family and brightened our lives, causing multiple smiles every single day she was with us.

She was as unique and loving of a cat as ever existed, and she will be missed dearly".

R.I.P. Lady Grey

David and April

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