Belle - beauty and best friend

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This week we laid Belle to rest. Her owner wrote the most beautiful memorial to her sweet girl. Belle's ashes we returned to her owner in a gorgeous biodegradable box, wrapped in lavender and eucalyptus. Belle had eyes of an old soul. Her presence will be missed. But her memories will live on in spirit.

"This week I lost my sweet Belle. To me she was so much more than a dog. She quickly became my companion, my secret keeper, my partner in crime, and my bestest friend. She showed me what true unconditional love was and I will forever be grateful to her. "

"Belle - I feel like you left me too soon, I still had so many plans for us. But I'm thankful that I was able to call you mine and I am at peace knowing you are no longer suffering. Loosing you is by far the worst pain I have ever felt. I will miss you today but I will love you forever my sweet Belley Girl."

Yvette P.

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