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10 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

Updated: May 11

Pets are family. There is no doubt about it. They live with us through many of life's most significant moments. They see us through milestones and are always there to help us along the way. When a beloved pet passes, you will notice a considerable void. The transition of losing a pet can be challenging, and the effects should not be minimized.

We have compiled the top ten ways to honor the memory of your pet. These ten ideas will help guide you through what to do with your pet's ash after they pass. By using their ash in something meaningful, you can grieve your pet in a healthy and meaningful manner.

  1. Keep your pets ash in a beautiful vessel at home. There are many beautiful urns available to us for our pet's ash. The urn you select can have special meaning to you or represent your relationship with your pet. For example, say you and your pet loved to hike together. You can find a fantastic urn made of reclaimed wood to store your pet's ash. This urn will remind you of the many memories you shared out in nature. Many urns can be personalized. A special touch like personalization can make the urn you selected feel unique to you and your pet.

  2. Scatter your pets ash in a special place. It has been proven that scattering the ash of a loved one can help the grieving process in a positive way. The act of spreading ash can be ceremonial. You may consider inviting friends or loved ones to share the experience with you. Ash can be scattered in a meaningful location, somewhere you and your pet shared happy memories.

  3. Plant a memorial tree. Peaceful Waters Aquamation has been planting trees in honor of deceased pets since its inception. Many owners who have used the aqumation services from Peaceful Waters have noted how special the tree planting memorial has made them feel. The act of planting a tree symbolizes that their pet's memory will live on for decades to come.

  4. Bury your pets ash. Maybe you do not have ample yard space, or perhaps your city will not allow you to bury your pet in your backyard. Whatever the reason, burying your pet's ash minimizes the space requirement. Burying ash in a special place can be a meaningful way to honor their memory.

  5. Send your pets ash out to sea. There are many biodegradable and ocean safe urns available online. These biodegradable urns are designed to float away and later sink. Sending your pets ash out to sea could be a meaningful idea for pet owners and pets who spent meaningful time together either in the ocean or at a lake.

  6. Use your pets ash in a pet memorial tattoo. This is a unique idea for pet owners looking to memorialize their pets' memory with a tattoo. Many tattoo artists are familiar with using the ash of a loved one in the ink of the client's tattoo. The ash will be permanently embedded in your skin. Every tattoo is unique and therefore a one of a kind way to honor the memory of your deceased pet. Ideas for a memorial tattoo include your pet name, a paw print, a nose print, or a pet portrait.

  7. Turn your pet's ash into a diamond. Heat, pressure, time, and carbon are the four variables used to turn the ash of your pet into a diamond. This amazing technology allows you to wear your pet's ash in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry. Every time you look at the piece of jewelry, you will be reminded of your pet's beautiful memory.

  8. Use your pets ash in a beautiful piece of decorative glass. The ash you receive back from your pet's cremation can be blown into a piece of decorative glass. Glass artwork can be customized to your unique style. It can be showcased as a tribute to a beautiful life.

  9. Don't forget about pottery. Similar to decorative glass, the ash from your cat or dog can be incorporated into pottery. Contact a local artist and see if they would help customize a piece of art for you.

  10. Incorporate the ash of your pet into a painting. Did you know that cremation ash can be incorporated into paint? You can either employ the help of a professional artist or do it yourself. Either way, a beautiful painting can be created in memory of your lost pet. The ash in the paint gives the painting a special and unique sentiment that will help you relish their beloved memory.

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