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Alternative Aftercare Options – New to Peaceful Waters Aquamation

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We have recently begun to offer alternative aftercare options for grieving pet parents. The loss of a beloved pet is undoubtedly the most challenging time in a pet owner's journey with their companion. Alternative aftercare options allow pet parents to keep pieces of their pet preserved for decades to come.

Alternative aftercare options include skull cleaning, skeletal cleaning, skeletal articulation, coat/pelt preservation, ear preservation, and paw/nose casting.

These unique aftercare options provide owners with the comfort they need during the difficult grieving process. A call with our taxidermist is required before making plans for alternative aftercare services. A phone meeting with the taxidermist allows you to express your goals and desires. It is important to note that no request is too unusual. You are invited into a safe space to make requests that suit your needs. Our taxidermist will be honest about their abilities to fulfill your request.

If you are interested in skull cleaning, skeletal cleaning, pelt/coat preservation, ear preservation, or taxidermy, please call us at 858-276-7397.

Pet Memorial Items

Pet Memorial Items

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