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How to Handle Your Pets Body After They Pass at Home

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

If you find yourself in a situation where your pet passes at home, you will need to know the exact measure to take. It is most likely that you will need to handle your pet's body. The following steps will help you through this emotionally and physically difficult process.

Step 1: Find a large towel or blanket.

Wrap your pet in a blanket or towel. Make sure the sheet or towel is big enough to wrap your pet in fully. It would be beneficial if the towel or blanket could wrap around the pet more than once.

Step 2: Ask for help.

Call a friend or family member for help. Whether you need help physically or emotionally, a loved one will help you move your pet. Help from a loved one is critical during a time like this.

Step 3: Arrange your pet.

With the help of a loved one, you will need to arrange your pet on a blanket or towel. Place your pet's body on its side, in a curled position. Wrap the sheet or towel around your pet's body. Make sure the cloth is tightly wrapped so that when you move your pet, they will be secure.

Step 4: Wait for the pet aftercare company to arrive.

You can either leave your pet where they are or move them to a different location while waiting for a pet aftercare company to pick them up. If you choose to transfer your pet, we advise to first place them on a bed or in a box; this will help distribute their weight evenly when you lift them. Some aftercare companies may not be able to come right away. If your pet dies in the middle of the night or over a holiday, you may need to move them to a secure location while waiting for us to pick them up.

We know that this is a difficult and emotionally taxing situation to find yourself handling. We are always available by phone if you need any information regarding what to do next. To learn more about your aftercare options, please read the following article.

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