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Dr. Rose Featured In Article by Pet Lovers Centre

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Why do cats snore?

The owner of Peaceful Waters Aquamation, Dr. Madison Rose, was recently featured in an article about cat snoring by Pet Lovers Centre - the largest pet retail chain in Southeast Asia.

Snoring is known to be less common for cats as compared to dogs. Thus, many owners may wonder if it's normal for their cat to snore.

The article explains when cat snoring is normal or not normal, possible health reasons that may result in snoring, accompanying symptoms, and treatment options.

Dr. Rose explains that a cat’s sleeping position may be what triggers snoring. She mentions that ‘cats can sometimes sleep with their heads positioned in a way that’ll obstruct steady or easy airflow through their trachea.’

In such cases, cat snoring is usually not a cause for concern and is solved once your cat changes sleeping position.

Read the full article here.


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