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Star: Love at first site

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Star was a beautiful golden toy poodle mix. She was rescued by her owners later in life. The narrative of her early life is unknown, as she was found by a good smarten in the parking lot of a Walmart in Palm Desert. This good smarten brought Star to a shelter where she was spayed, vaccinated, groomed and dewormed. She stayed three long months in the shelter waiting to meet her forever family. Although her exact age was unknown the shelter veterinarians estimated her to be roughly 8 years old. As many people are aware, ‘older’ dogs do not get rescued often. However, when her mom and dad saw for they first time her they described it as “love at first sight”. They knew she needed to come home with them. Star was brought home on 2/21/2012 and lived 7 long and fulfilling years with her family. She was described to us as an “old soul”. Despite her beginnings as a stray dog, he family said she “never carried a chip on her shoulder” and that she was “gentle and kind to everyone”. She loved going to the beach and dog park. She slept at the foot of her parents bed every night and was often the first member of the family up in the morning. Her dad described her as, “My alarm clock!”. Star was an amazing companion and she truly lived up to her name.📷

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