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Mr. Benjamin the Ladies Gentleman

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We received a very sweet and heartfelt memorial from the owner of Mr. Benjamin, a gorgeous black and white cat. He was a treasure to take care of and we feel honored to have spent time with him. Although he is gone, he is not forgotten.

"Mr.Benjamin the 'Ladies' Gentleman', family lover & mama’s boy . We adopted him almost 9 years ago from the San Diego Human Society. I was facing my divorce at that time and Mr. B came into my life - just like a miracle does. He became my boy for ever and ever. I became his mission . He was sweet, smart, calm and took care of me and my family all the time. The two of us bonded to the max. He had the Batman mask designed by nature on his face and I was his girl - together facing it all. He became famous with his personal Facebook page with 5,000 friends from all over the world. He lived in downtown San Diego and soon he was the kjing of downtown - he even became the pet of the month at The Strata building. He would eat blueberry muffins with me, mark my jewelry with his sparkly white teeth and he was protect us by charging the front door growling away. Mr.Benjamin was funny. Once he got caught eating flowers and I got so scared that I took him to the vet right away. I never bought flowers again! Then our family got bigger. My daughter and I adopted Waterloo Kitty and Simba Meow, and of course Mr.Benjamin was the best big brother and nanny they could have ever had. Hip Hop was his jam, he enjoyed watching us dance around the house looking crazy. He gave countless poses and intense model looks to mommy’s camera. Cancer took you away but you will always be here right next to your girl and family!!! YOU ARE THE CATS MEOW!!


- Bianca, Jade, Waterloo, Simba

Eco-friendly pet cremation

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