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Hudson lived a life of service

Updated: May 11

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Hudson lived a life of service!

Hudson was a gorgeous golden retriever. He lived thirteen long years with his family. Of those thirteen years, he spent six working as a registered therapy dog. He was truly regal in the way he carried himself and always brought everyone he visited true joy and comfort. He lived with his family on a 2 acre property and when he wasn't working to comfort people in need, he enjoyed roaming his yard and basking in the sun. His family shared with us that they, “learned so much from him.” He was an excellent protector and companion. According to his dad “he lived a life of service.” His family described many stories where Hudson would enter a room and find the person who needed comfort the most, he would comfort that person by laying his head on their lap and staying there for as long as they needed.

Hudson’s family shared with us that they will be honoring his life by donating to a charity that helps provide service dogs to people in need. Hudson lived an amazing life and he will truly be missed.

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