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This beautiful silver brass ornated engraved pet urn is the perfect way to memorialize your beloved pet. The intricate detailing on the urn takes it from a simple vessel to a beautiful and dignified memorial piece. The urn is made of silver brass, giving it a shimmering and eye-catching finish. The top of the urn is finely engraved with a graceful pattern that perfectly accents its ornate design. The engraving wraps around the sides of the urn, bringing the entire piece together in a perfect harmony. The urn is designed with a threaded lid, making it easy to open for storing the ashes of your beloved pet. This urn is the perfect way to honor and remember your pet, bringing a sense of peace and comfort in the face of loss.


Small - up to 25lbs, Medium - up to 40lbs, Large - up to 70lbs


TB: S-2513C, M-2513B, L-2513A

Silver Engraved Urn *Priced by Size*

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