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What is Aquamation?

Although aquamation is gaining popularity as the most environmentally conservative form of cremation, many people are still unaware that it is available for themselves or their pets. If you have landed on this page, you have probably heard of Aquamation before but still aren’t entirely sure you know what it is. Aquamation is the alternative to flame-based cremation. Some people call it water cremation or alkaline hydrolysis. As its name suggests, aquamation uses a water-based method for the final disposition of a body.

How does the Aquamation Process Work?

When a body is aquamated it is individually placed into a stainless-steel chamber. The chamber is closed and lowered into the aquamation machine. Before the machine is closed and the process is started, an alkaline substance is added to the machine. Water slowly fills the machine and is heated to roughly 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm water and the alkaline substance mix and create a very alkaline environment within the machine. The circulating water breaks down all organic material. This process mimics the natural decomposition of organic material that occurs after burial.

The entire process takes 18 hrs. to complete.

When the aquamation process is complete, the remains of a body are reduced to sterile liquid and bone. Bone fragments are processed into a fine powder and returned to owners in an urn. The ash produced by aquamation is no different than the ash remains returned to the owner from flame-based cremation.

How is Aquamation more environmentally friendly?

Aquamation uses much less energy than fire-based cremation does. There are no direct emissions when aquamation is used. Fire based cremation causes the release of many greenhouse gasses and uses considerably more energy when compared to aquamation.

What makes Peaceful Waters Aquamation the right choice?

Peaceful Waters is owned and operated by three partners who have all worked in the veterinary and pet loss industries for years. Together we have an immense amount of experience in pet aftercare. We realize that the loss of a beloved pet is overwhelming. Our process at Peaceful Waters Aquamation is authentic, sincere, and tailored to every family’s needs. We pride ourselves on our client relationships and strive to go the extra mile for every grieving family.

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