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Memorial Necklaces

Updated: May 11

We recently introduced memorial necklaces – also called cremation jewelry - to our list of customizable memorial items. This necklace is entirely handmade and unique to each owner’s request. The necklace displays a small amount of ash or hair with dried flowers in a glass pendant. The glass pendant can come in many shapes and sizes, including heart, oval, and diamond. The colors and types of dried flowers used can be personally selected by the owner to reflect the uniqueness of their pet. The pendant is accented with a gold or silver border and hung from an 18-inch hypoallergenic chain.

This necklace is made at our facility by one of our team members. This way, we can ensure that we will never send the ash or hair of your pet to a third party.

This necklace can be created years after a pet passes. You can bring in or mail in a lock of your pet’s hair or a small portion of their ash, and our team will create a one-of-kind piece that you can wear forever.

This piece of cremation jewelry is a thoughtful and beautiful way to remember your beloved pet. For more information about this piece of jewelry, please call us.

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