Rennie Rose The Noble Queen

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A beautiful memorial was written by the guardians of the beautiful, sweet, and soulful

Rennie-Rose. Rennie-Rose lived a long and amazing life along side her family. Her memorial shines a light on the beauty of enjoying the small things in life.

"Rennie-Rose was our loving, sweet companion. Graceful, agile and faster than Superman. The noble queen was a total traffic stopper - beautiful and pure royalty. She was rescued and spent her life with her sisters; Stell and Olive. She enjoyed the love and care from all of us and the view on top of the El Presidio in San Diego. Smart, playful and strong. No one could cross the house gate without her permission. Rennie-Rose was our beauty. She took her last breath at our house peacefully and crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of this summer. We love you, your majesty, Rennie-Rose.

Love, your family (Bianca, Mrs. Elisabeth, your Doctors and Staff, Stella and Olive"

Peaceful Waters Aquamation is an environmentally thoughtful aftercare facility for pets. We are proud to represent an environmentally conscious approach to caring for the pets of San Diego after they have passed. A memorial tree was planted in honor of Rennie-Rose. This tree serves as a living memory of a life well lived! With Peaceful Waters Aquamation, life continues.

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